Following the intake you will have regular check up appointments at our practice.  These appointments are scheduled for approx. 15 minutes. A longer appointment can be booked for you if you wish.

What happens during a follow up?

At every check up we will take your blood pressure and look at the growth of both your uterus and the baby plus we listen to the baby’s heart beat. We will provide you with information and give you the opportunity to ask us questions. To make sure you do not forget any, we advise to make a note of them before your appointment.

About the upcoming birth

Around week 34 of your pregnancy we will schedule a longer appointment in order to discuss the upcoming birth.  During this appointment there will be sufficient time to discuss all your wishes and ideas for the birth.  It may be beneficial to attend our information evening. Should you wish you can begin to write your birth plan.
If you prefer to discuss the birth at an earlier stage, that is of course possible.

Standard Check Up Schedule

During a normal pregnancy we will schedule your check up consultations as follows:

  • Up to 20 weeks pregnant: check up every 5 weeks 
  • 21-26 weeks pregnant: check up every 4 weeks
  • 27-32 weeks pregnant: check up every 3 weeks
  • 33-36 weeks pregnant: check up every 2 weeks
  • From 37 weeks pregnant: check up every week

Throughout you entire pregnancy, please remember, if you have any concerns, please contact us. You can attend your check up early or we will visit you at home.

Your Pregnancy Chart

During the intake we will give you a pregnancy chart in an A5 folder. This is your personal file, please keep it safe. During your pregnancy you will collect blood- and scan results. This data will be entered into our electronic database and will also be written on your chart.  We will also make a note of your check up consultations. Please bring your pregnancy folder to every consultation. If you are going on holiday or a weekend away, this folder is handy to take with you so that you have all your information in one place.

These are the abbreviations we use on your pregnancy chart:

  • RR = blood pressure
  • SN = distance between pubic bone and belly button. This determines the height of the uterus.
  • NX = distance between belly button and rib cage. This determines the height of the uterus.
  • ball = we can feel the baby but cannot yet determine its position.
  • dwars = the baby’s position is diagonal.
  • hoofd = the baby’s head is positioned downwards. We will often add a drawing of this position.
  • stuit = the baby is positioned with buttocks downwards.
  • cort = heartbeat of the baby
  • CBBBI = head is flexible above the pelvic entrance and has not yet lowered.
  • CBIBI = head is flexible in the pelvic entrance.
  • CVIBI = head settled in the pelvic entrance

Duration of your pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts between 37 and 42 weeks. If you still haven’t given birth after 41 weeks and 3 days, we will refer you to the hospital of your choice to have an extra check up. If no problems are found, you are still able to give birth at 41 weeks and 6 days under our care.  If labour has not begun at 42 weeks, you will be induced under the care of a gynaecologist at the hospital of your choice.