We, the midwives of Utrecht | Oost, are responsible for the medical care of you and your baby during your maternity period.  Aside the guidance you will receive from the maternity nurse, we will also perform several medical checks, give advice and answer any questions. During our visits we will consider your times of rest: we will attempt not to disturb you between 13.00 -15.00. Although we cannot guarantee this during our busiest times. If you have concerns or questions during your maternity period, always contact the midwife on duty on: 06-51639034.

Our care after a birth with gynaecologist

Midwifery Practice Utrecht | Oost also offers their services during your maternity period if you have given birth under the care of a gynaecologist due to a medical indication. If you would require our services, please discuss this with us and inform your gynaecologist that we will be providing the after care.  The hospital will inform us of the birth and let us know when you are due to go home. We will visit you the day after you get home.  

Should we fail to be in touch, please contact the midwife on duty on: 06-51639034. Register for our maternity checks here: registration form or ring us on 030-2804904

End of the Maternity Period

If you are recovering well, we aim to end the maternity period after the first week.  Six weeks after the birth we would like to see you for a postnatal check at the practice. It is your choice whether to have this check up or not.  To book an appointment for the postnatal check, either ring or e-mail us.

During the postnatal check we will have the opportunity to discuss the birth and if necessary check your stitches, blood pressure and/or blood iron levels (haemoglobin).  Of course you will also have the chance to ask questions during this check.  The postnatal check is usually a pleasant conclusion of your pregnancy.

Have you given birth and been cared for at the hospital? Then it’s usually a good idea to have your postnatal check carried out at the hospital. You can still discuss the birth with us and even plan a possible next pregnancy?