During the final months of your pregnancy your baby will turn into its definite position. In most cases this means with the head pointing downwards. This is the optimal position for the birth.

Breech means that your baby is lying bottom or feet first in the uterus instead of in the usual head first position. During the eighth month of the pregnancy this occurs with 3 to 4% of women. There are several ways in turning your baby into the ideal birth position.

Moxa Therapy

From 33 weeks pregnancy you can apply Moxa-therapy to increase the chances from 50% to 75% of the baby spontaneously turning in the correct position. Moxa-therapy is a form of acupuncture and originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. A lit moxa stick is placed closely to your small toe in a gentle rotating motion. Via this acupressure point it radiates heat throughout your body. This treatment can eventually cause the baby to spontaneously turn in the uterus.  More information about moxa therapy can be found on www.stuitlig.nl

External Version (Turning a Breech)

From 36 weeks of pregnancy the gynaecologist at the hospital can attempt to externally turn the baby. He will try to achieve this by rotating your baby with his hands, from outside your belly. The chance of success with an external version lies between 40 and 50%. A woman who has had a previous pregnancy is more likely to achieve success with this method.  Click below to find more information about the external version.

Breech presentation and external version