First Trimester Ultrasound

We carry out a first trimester ultrasound scan with every pregnancy. It is preferred to carry out this scan between week 10 and 12 of the pregnancy.

The first trimester ultrasound scan helps us to: 

  • Determine if the pregnancy is taking place within the uterus.
  • Determine if it is an intact pregnancy, which means to check if the heart is beating.
  • Determine whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy.
  • Determine how long you have been pregnant: the measurements of the baby provide a very good idea of how far along you are and of the due date.

Where can I have an ultrasound scan?
The examination will be carried out by a sonographer. At our practice we have highly trained and experienced sonographers: Maryse and Anja. They perform the ultrasound scans; you can book an appointment for this during our telephone consultation hours.

What to bring to your appointment
You are requested to bring your insurance details, your passport and the ultrasound referral.
Of course your partner is more than welcome to attend the examination. Please consider that any more people aside your partner might be disruptive to both yourself and the sonographer. The ultrasound scan is still regarded as a medical examination and not a ‘pretecho’. (a casual ultrasound scan where you are able to bring family members to check on the baby’s development only)

Early (additional) ultrasound

If you want we can make the first ultrasound around 8 weeks of your pregnancy. Without a medical indication you have to pay 35 euros for this ultrasound. Our assistant can tell you more about this. Please let her know if you want an ultrasound between 8-10 weeks of your pregnancy.

The Structural Echoscopic Examination (SEO)/ the 20 week ultrasound scan

The Structural Echoscopic Examination (SEO) screening for physical defects is performed during the 20 week ultrasound scan. The main purpose of this test is to scan for the possibilities of spina bifida or anencephaly. Additionally the 20 week ultrasound scan can also detect various other physical abnormalities. For example kidney and heart function, other organs, limbs and facial development.

Unfortunately the 20 week ultrasound scan does not offer a guarantee for a healthy child as not all abnormalities can be detected. During the consultation we will provide more information about the 20 week ultrasound scan. You can also browse through the brochure below.

Informatie over de 20 wekenecho

The 20 week ultrasound scan is covered by your basic health insurance and will be reimbursed by your health insurance provider.