You are pregnant: congratulations! As soon as you know you are pregnant you may contact us to book your first appointment. You do not need to be referred by your doctor. Complete the online registrationform or call us during the telephone consultation hours.  If there are no special requirements or problems, you normally come in for your first consultation around the 9th or 10th week of your pregnancy. Should you notice anything which causes concern or you have questions before this time, please contact us sooner.  

What happens during your first visit?

Your first appointment at Utrecht | Oost will take approx. 45 minutes. There will be plenty of time to exchange information and the midwife with whom you have the appointment will provide detailed advice. Naturally you will be able to ask all your questions. You might find it helpful to list your questions beforehand so that you won’t forget any.

During your initial consultation – the intake- we will ask you about your health. It may be the case you are completely healthy but still require some extra care from us. Possibly you may need the care of a gynaecologist, in that case we will refer you. We will discuss the following subjects with you:

  • Have you been pregnant previously, if yes what were you experiences? If you were not under our care during your previous pregnancy, it would be helpful to bring along any information about your previous pregnancy/pregnancies.
  • Your medical history, such as medication use, allergies, illnesses and any surgeries. In addition we will ask you if you are a smoker, use alcohol or drugs.
  • Hereditary or congenital abnormalities in your family or your partner’s.
  • When you had you most recent menstruation and if there were any issues with previous menstruations.

During the intake the midwife will also take your blood pressure and determine your weight. Your pregnancy is unlikely to have progressed far enough in order to detect the baby’s heartbeat; it is preferred to do this from the 14th week.

Information and Advice

The intake will take place around week 10 of your pregnancy. We schedule the intake this early on purpose as we have lots of information to share. Such as:

  • Nutrition advice. See
  • Upon request we will supply information regarding possible antenatal tests during your pregnancy. We find it important to take the time in giving you the information about tests for your unborn child. We therefore schedule a separate appointment for this.

First Trimester Ultrasound Scan

We advise all pregnant women to undergo a first trimester ultrasound scan. We perform this scan ourselves at our Bloemstraat practice in Utrecht. The ideal time for this ultrasound is around week 10 or 11 of the pregnancy. This scan is meant to determine the due date and to check on the baby’s heartbeat and whether it concerns a single or a multiple pregnancy.