Verloskundigenpraktijk Utrecht | Oost places great value on personal care and attention to every client and her partner. Our easy access system for contacting us contributes to our high standard of care. 


As midwives we provide guidance during your pregnancy, the birth and your maternity period until 6 weeks after the baby has been born.  During this time you will have regular checkups with us. We give information, advice and answer your questions. Of course you can always contact us if you have any concerns during your pregnancy.

Give birth at home or at the hospital

Under our guidance you can choose to either give birth at home or at the hospital. It is your choice where you feel most comfortable and how you would like to give birth. While some women prefer their home environment, others choose a hospital birth. Should you choose for the hospital, please see which hospitals in the area we work with.  Even if you choose to have a home birth, it is recommended to consider at least one hospital in case there are complications during your pregnancy and/or birth. In this case we shall refer you to the care of a gynaecologist at the hospital.Staff meeting

Staff meeting

Working in a team means that good communication is necessary to guarantee good care. We therefore have a staff meeting every week. During this meeting we will discuss all new clients and any existing clients where particular issues have been established that week. These issues are also discussed at every shift rotation.

Secure system

We work with a well secured online system. In which we can, regardless of our location, access our client details.We therefore have all your correct and up to date medical information to hand.