What is centering pregnancy?

Centering Pregnancy is a health care concept originating from the USA, whereby a pregnant woman gets an active role in her care. Regular midwifery care during the pregnancy consists of an initial one-on-one consult where medical history is discussed. Followed by approx. 12 one-on-one consults each lasting approx 15 minutes. Centering Pregnancy provides opportunity for in depth discussions about certain topics. E.g. the changes that parenthood brings, a healthy lifestyle, any problems during pregnancy or preparation for the upcoming birth. You have an active role in your own check up sessions.

Women and midwives who have experienced CenteringPregnancy  have been very positive.

You can choose which midwifery care to have: one-on-one consultations or CenteringPregnancy. Find more information below

The care when you choose for Centering Pregnancy

  • The intake is one-on-one
  • The next 9 sessions take place in a set group.
  • CenteringPregnancy brings 8-11 women all due at the same time together for their care
  • The sessions are 2 hours long
  • Dates and times have been agreed beforehand
  • There is 1 permanent group leader per group.
  • The 9th and final session takes places after the birth

From week 37 of the pregnancy (or after the 8th meeting) you will attend a one-on-one consultation at our practice again.

What is different from one-on-one consultations?

  • Pregnant women are involved in their care by measuring their own weight and blood pressure and recording their own health data.
  • There is opportunity to have in depth discussions
  • Much attention is given to what you can do yourself to have a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • You will learn from other pregnant women as you share the common experience of pregnancy, birth, and family care.
  • You support each other and build friendships with other women who are at the same stage in their life.


Every session starts off with 30 minutes of catching up and a cup of tea or coffee. This time is also useful for measuring your own blood pressure, weight and recording into your health file. Additionally each pregnant woman will receive an external examination from a midwife, has the baby’s heart beat checked and can ask individual questions.  These examinations take place in the meeting room behind a modesty screen.

During this half an hour your partner is most welcome (and any older children). After this time we will continue with the set group, without partners or children. There is a separate session where both partners and children are welcome during the entire meeting. During the remaining 90 minutes a particular subject will be discussed at great length, for example healthy nutrition or antenatal tests. It is important during these sessions that it is not the midwife who supplies this information but that you and other participants discuss this topic. The midwife will provide further information when necessary. Various exercises and assignments are scheduled during the sessions which provide variety.

Want to know more? You can register for these sessions with our assistant or during a consultation.

Even if you are not sure whether Centering is suitable for you, you can at least attend 3 sessions. Should you then decide Centering is not for you, you can continue attending one-on-one consultations.