Who we Are

Our midwives

Maret Mertens

Mieke Vink

Verine Slippens

Marloes Noppers

Marlot Pluimers

Maret founded the midwifery practice Utrecht-Oost in 1990.
Mieke joined in 1998, Verine has been part of our team since 2005, followed by Marloes in 2013. With Marlot completing our team in 2018. As a team we have more then 75 years of experience between us at midwifery practice Utrecht | Oost!


Nina Köneke

Nina and Esther admin support during our consultation hours at the Bloemstraat. In addition they will take your call during our telephone consultation hours. In case of a medical query, she will request a call back from one of our midwives.

Substitute midwife

Lisa Gerritse